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Back in The Days!! Over the Years Picks… Dirty South Connection Compilation..
July 31, 2009, 6:41 am
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We were in the studio going back through our catalog… listened to some joints produced and performed by Big Boyz and was like, damn we got’s hella music that’s just bumpin’ and we want the world to hear it… So here are some tracks we picked that are sure to bring the nostalgia.. What? Y’all think we just popped up, been doin this ish since 93′!!!
Dirty South Connection

Big Boyz Records Presents: Dirty South Connection Compilation Vol. 1

Indie vs. Major Deal… Which one is the better route? ( reports)
July 28, 2009, 6:50 am
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What’s A Record Deal Worth?

by Moe Arora on July 20, 2009

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record deal contract

When it comes to the whole debate about the value of record deals and Indie vs Major – everybody has an opinion. I can rant and rave about where I stand on this topic, but I think founder, Chuck Creekmur has discussed it in more eloquent manner than what I would have ranted.

I may still discuss it in the future; because it’s a topic that has many sides to it, but also because it’s a topic that most aspiring artists need more insight on.

Briefly, let me just say, artists need to stop focusing so much on “getting a deal” and focus that energy on “achieving a goal”. One does not always equal the other.

It is pretty common knowledge that it is high time that the recording industry re-evaluate its practices and business M.O.

This is a direct result of the digital era, however I have an archaic response to the resurgence of the new indie and internet movement.

Record labels need to make the record deal worth something again.

Right now, with all eyes on the artist, the artistry, the sales and the business, the labels are going to need to raise the bar instead of lowering it. In recent history, record deals have been given out like cheap candy on Halloween night. The dude co-signed by the DJ gets a deal. The bum best friend of the multi-platinum rapper gets a deal. The trash rapper that does a few thousand out-of-the-trunk can get a record deal. There’s a clearance sale on record deals, it seems and the industry “got it for cheap.”

More of Chuck’s great writeup:

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Drake, L.A. Times Music Blog Breaks down the deal…
July 28, 2009, 6:15 am
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Inside Drake’s Record Deal

by Moe Arora on July 21, 2009

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Lil Wayne & Drake

Continuing yesterday’s conversation about the value of record deals, here’s a great article by Chris Lee on the L.A Times Music Blog about the mechanics of Drake’s deal.

By any modern measure of musical popularity — YouTube views, radio airplay, ring-tone ubiquity — the single “Best I Ever Had” by Toronto rapper Drake is not only a hit, it’s arguably 2009’s “Song of the Summer.” Since debuting on iTunes last month, the hip-hop lust track has sold 600,000 digital downloads and topped three separate pop charts. Even if you can’t summon to mind its rap-sung vocals or brassy syncopated beat, you’ve probably heard “Best I Ever Had” blaring out of a convertible somewhere.

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Busy Busy… New Back To Business Vol. 1 Album Art…
July 13, 2009, 3:24 am
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We’ve been soooo busy lately,  I mean really getting it in… so we decided to revamp our previous Back to Business Instrumental release with a fresh new look! Check it out here and don’t forget to visit our all new BeatShop @!! NEW BACKTOBUSCOV copy