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ATL Blog: DJ Drama + Soulja Boy = “Follow Me” [Gangsta Grillz Mixtape]
June 14, 2009, 5:50 am
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Souljah Boy and DJ Drama have teamed up for yet another Gangsta Grillz Mixtape.  But there seems to be a disconnect between S.B.’s entourage member @KnaKnook apparently I’m being accused of not keeping it “one hunded” because of my praise for Deandre one day, then my criticism the next. Why are people so sensitive. Perhaps if Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em wouldn’t pull ridiculous stunts like SMOKING MARIJUNANA ON CAMERA, or being CAUGHT WITH A BLUNT IN HIS EAR, I wouldn’t have to criticize. You’re bigger then the stupid the decisions you sometimes make SB. I just want you to realize it.

But isn’t it interesting how they aren’t talking to HIM about the bullshit, but want to call me out. But I digress. Get the tracklisting and the download after the jump.

But please follow the damn boy so we can move on. Soulja is desperate to hit a million followers. –Gyant (


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